• Carla Rapoport

    Following a career as a business journalist with The Financial Times and The Economist Group located in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London, Carla moved into arts management in 2010 and founded the Lumen Prize in 2012. Since then, she has organised and spoken at over 20 Lumen Prize shows and events in cities around the world.

  • Nick Lambert, DPhil (Oxon)

    Head of Research at Ravensbourne, a London university sector college in digital media & design, Nick researches the digital medium and its application in contemporary art. He is chair of the UK Computer Arts Society and is currently working on a book on contemporary digital art.

  • Mary Ginsberg

    With degrees from Yale and Columbia University, Mary has worked with the British Museum for nearly 15 years, most recently serving as Curator, Chinese Prints for the Museum. She speaks both Russian and Chinese and is an expert in Propaganda Art.

  • Serena Wallace-Turner

    Serena spent 16 years working in Hong Kong and Beijing as a lawyer, a banker, and entrepreneur. As Asia Manager of global legal services provider Axiom, Serena sponsored two Lumen HK shows in 2013 and 2014.  She is now COO of a tech enabled-law firm based in the UK, Radiant Law.

  • David Raikes

    Economist and consultant with PwC, London, David has spent his career in banking regulation with the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority. He now resides in Wales.