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  • Gold Award


    The top award, the Lumen Prize Gold, goes to the artist whose work is judged to be exceptional across all categories.

  • Moving Image Award


    For excellence in time-based artwork, including animation, generative or video art; narrative or non-narrative works.

  • Still Image Award


    For outstanding work using digital processes in its creation, including photo-manipulation, 3D renders, or drawings created on phones, tablets or PCs using digital software. 


  • VR/AR Award


    For excellence in Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality art. 

  • 3D/Sculpture Award


    For outstanding sculpture that uses digital process in its creation, such as 3D printed sculpture, objects designed digitally, or objects that have a digital input or output.

  • Interactive Award


    For the best work which engages with audiences through sound, touch or movement, including digitally-created games.

  • Web-Based Award


    For the excellence in art which is created to be shown online in a web-based environment and open for public view.

  • People's Choice Award


    Determined by an public vote of the Lumen Longlist which opens in mid August. 

  • Founder's Award


    Awarded to an artist whose practice uniquely engages audiences through digital techniques.

  • The BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art


    For an artist  who has used some form of artificial intelligence to produce of a outstanding piece of art.

  • The Placemaking Special Commendation


    For an artist who has created an outstanding work which transforms public spaces using digital techniques.

  • The Meural Student Prize


    For a student who has created a work which is considered excellent in either still or moving image.