Abstract Playground AP1

Will Hurt

United Kingdom
Interactive Award

Abstract Playground AP1 is a screen based interactive artwork, part abstracted re-composition of Modernist architecture concerned with how forms occupy physical / digital space, part musical instrument encouraging users to “play” a potential building. 

It was designed alongside people with learning difficulties over a 5 week D-Lab / LEVEL Centre co-commissioned residency at the LEVEL Centre, Rowsley, UK. 

It exists as an installation displayed on a screen or projector with 2 control interfaces catering for people with a wide range of motor skills, and as a software artwork running on the web. Sound Packs by Oliver Payne, Will Hurt and Level Artists.

Shown at : "Configurations", QUAD, 2016-17; "MozEx", Mozilla Festival, London, 2016; "GameCity Festival", National Videogame Arcade, 2016; Wirksworth Festival, 2016;  "Blank Arcade", Hannah Maclure Centre, 2016; LEVEL Centre, 2015-

The link in Artist Information goes to an interactive WebGL version of AP1, please view this in a Desktop Browser, preferably in full screen. Software is coded in C# in Unity, Blender was used to design the 3d models. The work can be shown on a screen or projected, along with the custom controller on a custom plinth. AP1 is exported as an Android app and runs from a Nvidia Shield.

Abstract Playground Documentation