The And

Yael Toren

Moving Image Award
3D virtual animation occurs on anonymous, void spaces.

<p>"A slow process of disintegration/dispersion of a human body into a vast, infinite space... human existence, turning into gilded flecks of dust, illuminates the darkness. Between pain and beauty time flows slowly and evenly, and the silence is violated only by a resonance of a human voice, floating and sinking in turn, reviving random voices from the web, disconnected from the screened image. Isolated fragments, perhaps flesh and blood, perhaps clay sculptures, floundering and intersecting each other, revealed as dry and brittle, on the verge of annihilation. Even though borderless, the “And” signifies the imagined unending entangling of times, histories and spaces."</p> <p>Text: Tali Tamir; Art Curator and Researcher of Israeli Art </p>

Hardware and Software Used:

3D animation programmed with Houdini Concept and direction by me. Animation by Yaniv Gorali