David Colombini

Thomas Grogan

Interactive Award

Attachment’ is a poetic machine conceived by Swiss designer David Colombini. The machine allows people to send digital messages, images or videos into the air by attaching them to biodegradable balloons.

The idea began as David’s diploma project in Media and Interaction Design in Spring 2014 at ECAL (University of Art and Design, Lausanne). In October 2014, the project received support from the Migros Culture Percentage to develop the final object.

In 2016, the machine was built in collaboration with designer Thomas Grogan and the help of Niklas Hagemann at the Royal College of Art in London. Since then, it has been exhibited several times this year in Europe it has been commissioned by the BBC for the national day of Poetry in Hull, City of culture.

More details:

Landed message and balloon
Balloon sent in the air with the engraved message
message automatically released by the machine
interactive map of found messages

Software includes php / MySQL data base, vvvv (Take the message from Webdatabase, layout of the message, transform it and stream it to the engraver – thanks to Hayden Anyasi) and Arduino IDE (controlling all the mechanisms). Hardware includes Arduino Mega, Nema23 motors + drivers, Linear Actuators, Bambi Air Compressor 8L, Helium Cylinder, Festo Pneumatic components (Helium + air valves, Helium and Air pressure sensors, pneumatic cylinders, DHEB) and Microslice engraver (based on Arduino Uno).