Nicolas Sassoon

Web-Based Award

AVENUE is a large animated GIF deliberately exceeding the size of the screen, forcing the viewer to explore the animation by scrolling within the web browser. The animation depicts an architecture seen through isometric perspective, rendered using pixelated patterns, digital moiré animation and a monochromatic color palette. The architecture rendered in AVENUE references an existing artist-run space from Vancouver BC, Canada also titled “Avenue”. Between 2012 and 2015, “Avenue” hosted numerous art exhibitions and electronic music events. At the end of 2015, it stopped operating due to financial and legal concerns.  

AVENUE considers the representation of temporary spaces hosting cultural events typically undocumented and on the fringe of legality. The animation is a subjective record of the space; it is drawn from memory and portrays the venue being setup for an electronic music event, mixing accurate elements with imaginary ones. AVENUE employs idiomatic visual elements from my practice to evoke the culture and communities surrounding these venues and events: black and white pixelated patterns, digital moiré and isometric perspective are used to render a multitude of details, objects, textures, and fictional elements.  Through this process of recollection and imagination, AVENUE formulates an environment which appears at the same time dated and idealized. The space is portrayed floating through a starry night, void of human presence and seemingly charged with a form of energy. The work offers a dreamlike and intimate experience of the space, employing minimal and subjective means of representation to translate an ambiguous and complex environment. 


AVENUE, animated GIF, HTML page, 7680 x 2160 pixels (double 4K), 28 frames, 2017



Made with Photoshop CC