Wayne Madsen

United States
Web-Based Award

Voronoi cellular calculations made in this piece are based on an algorithm for partitioning a plane based on seed locations. Each cell is a calculation to optimize the division of space. It is frequently used for tessellations in calculating 3D meshes for virtual environments. This html5 canvas project unfolds based on a number of external variables to create a unique time-based visual each time the piece is visited. Viewers are able to create cells by moving their controller around the web canvas space. Gravitational fields can be created by clicking and holding to impact the movement of the cell seeds.

I see myself as curator of the art generated by computer algorithms. The computer art I create uses generative algorithms and small, random variations to develop unique views each time the work is visited; I have written the system, but it is the computing device and viewer which apply their own 'creativity' into the creation of what is seen. It is amazing to me that altering just a few key variables can have drastic affects visually, just as people are connected but infinitely varied. There is beauty in these small differences, these small moments, these defining characteristics. The artwork can be seen at http://art.waynemadsen.com/waynesart/subpages/gen/cells/

HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript -- algorithms implemented by me.