Cherry Blossom and Mountains (2017)

Damien Borowik

United Kingdom
Still Image Award
Machine Drawing - Cherry Blossom and Mountains by Damien Borowik - 2017

Machine drawing - 42 x 29.7 cm - Acrylic inks on Fabriano etching paper. Currently framed to 59.4 x 42 cm.

This drawing is the latest artwork the artist has created using one of his handcrafted machines.

It uses acrylic ink markers with nibs of various widths, and consists of five layers. The whole drawing took approximately 20 hours to make, with constant presence of the artist to feed inks and look after the progresses. While it doesn't depict the landscape in a conventional way, this technique invites the audience to appreciate the artwork in an act of perception, where machine and mark-making processes become inherent to the aesthetics of the drawing, as multiple lines are created by actuating pressure sequentially.

Although this submission includes only the drawing, the drawing machine - or version of - could potentially be part of the exhibition if selected, and perform drawings in front of the audience.

Damien Borowik is a French artist based in London, UK. In his work, he explores the art of making and the creative processes which occur during the act of creation. With a strong emphasis on serendipity and aesthetics, Borowik develops his own creative tools digitally and physically.
Some of Borowik's machines drawings have recently been included in the Victoria and Albert Museum digital art collection. Machines and drawings have also been commissioned by Christian Dior Couture (Paris), Samsung Electronics (Seoul), and exhibited at the Southbank Centre (London), Kinetica Art Fair and at the Creative Machine exhibition at Goldsmiths.


Machine Drawing - Cherry Blossom and Mountains by Damien Borowik - 2017 - in A2 frame
Machine Drawing - Cherry Blossom and Mountains by Damien Borowik - 2017 - Detail 01
Machine Drawing - Cherry Blossom and Mountains by Damien Borowik - 2017 - Detail 02
First figurative drawing made by machine with bespoke code
making of Cherry Blossom and Mountains 2 (not the drawing being submitted)


  • - Bespoke drawing machine developed by the artist as creative tool.
  • - The machine is made of T-slot beams and brackets, bearings, servo and steppers motors as well as timing belts. It follows the CORE XY cartesian motion principles developed by Ilan E. Moyer while at MIT, because I wanted an aesthetically pleasing machine where both motors for the x and y movement were fixed to the frame of the machine.
  • - Arduino and Motor shield v2 are being used to control movements and actuate pressure.
  • - Molotow markers of various sizes with customized acryllic inks for mark making.

  • - Processing to create crosshatch lines depending on targeted pixel brightness/threshold
  • - Processing to feed Arduino via Serial
  • - Arduino IDE to control the three motors, with AccelStepper and MotorShield libraries

making of Cherry Blossom and Mountains 2 - Machine Drawing