Michael Pantuso

United States
Still Image Award

CICADA is a continuation of my "Mechanical Integration" series exhibited at various shows and galleries in New York and Chicago. A celebration of integration and diversity, the work blends subjects from nature with mechanical and fabricated elements. The intricate details and inner-workings of these elements are expressed through a process of division, reconstruction and a meticulous handling of shapes, colors and graphic patterning. The result becomes a multi-layered space. A visual interplay which blurs the boundaries of precision, creating an echo and vibration that lifts the image from it’s two dimensional surface.

CICADA (Detail 1)
CICADA (Detail 2)
CICADA (Detail 3)
CICADA (Detail 4)
CICADA (Detail 5)

Media: Digital
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Hardware: Mac