D.O.A.M IV (The Death of Ana Mendieta)

Rachel Ara

United Kingdom
Still Image Award
DOAM III (The Death of Ana Mendieta)

D.O.A.M IV (The Death of Ana Mendieta) is a CAD rendering of the death scene of the artist Ana Mendieta. Using witness accounts, meteorological, astronomical, and other collated data, this large scale CAD drawing is a precise recreation of the death scene of Ana Mendieta on 8th September 1985 07:30 (local time). Ana Mendieta fell 34 floors to her death at around 05:30, her body was removed at around 06:30. The drawing recreates the light and shadow marking the spot one hour after the removal of her body.

The scene was never documented.

This event created a schism in the NY art world that questioned its morality and artists loyalties which continues today and questions attitudes towards gender based violence.

This work is beautifully sublime and minimal.  It has distilled a huge amount of data into a minimal form that conveys the sentiment of the message.  Ironically as Carl Andre would say "Art is the exclusion of the unnecessary"



For more information: http://www.2ra.co/doam-series-2014---15.html

This image could be displayed as a Digital Print ( Currently: Framed: 200cm x 85cm ( 78" x 33") UnFramed: 168cm x 56cm ( 66" x 22")).

Alternatively it can be displayed as a projected image.

Hardware and Software Used:

CAD Modelling Package  (Rhino 5) Light Rendering (VRAY 2)