Don't Touch Red

Physical Computing Project Spring Fall 2015

Mark Telfer, Leonardo Kretzschmar, Rian Burbridge, Verun Reddy

United States
Games Award

Don’t Touch Red​ is a cooperative Kinect game installation where two players are connected by a beam of electricity and must physically move cooperatively to make their beam dodge hazards and collide with collectibles in a full­ body motion controlled experience. Player avatars are bound by an electric link and they must use this "rope" to collect points. However, this link is an extension the players avatar so if a projectile hits the rope they will receive damage. The game ends when the players health is depleted or if the Kinect loses tracking of both players.

The Kinect offers users the ability to perform intuitive controller-free actions in the experience they are playing.  So why has the Kinect not been able to capture the interest of core gamers?  We believe it is because of an inability to reconcile how to control player movement in a 3D game space.  The three solutions to this issue thus far are: put the game on-rails and there by limiting player choice, control player movement with simplified gestures (such as leaning) which then draws attention to the disconnect of a player’s action in-game and in the real world, or to put a controller in the hands of the player to control movement which defeats the purpose of the Kinect. Our solution was to have a ceiling-mounted projector project the game world onto the floor and have players control their avatar from a top-down point of view.  Effectively, you create an experience where the player becomes their avatar and can move around the game world freely and naturally.  The bounds of the world are distinct, clear, and intuitive to navigate. This project was designed and developed by our team in the Physical Interactive Media class taught by Professor Josephine Leong at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Hardware and Software Used:

Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Unity 5.0 Ceiling mounted projector (1680x1050) for floor projector. Windows 10 laptop with i7 processor Dark room, floor play area 10ft by 13ft.

Dont Touch Red