Element: Earth

Nandita Kumar

Sound Design: Kari Rae Seekins(USA), Engineer: Paul Chacko(IN)

Interactive Award
biomimicry, sound installation, interactive with light, microwave sensor, transparent PCB, solar cells,

eLEMenT: EARTH (light/sun and movement reactive sound installation);  

Size: 40cm dia* 60cm ht

Sound Documentation: http://nanditakumar.com/2012-element-earth/


eLEMenT: EARTH is a diorama which visualizes a future where nature and technology are in-sync. Inspired by Biomimicry,  a glass bottle contains functional and non-functional transparent PCB boards that produce sounds of the Earth.  The sounds respond to light and movement. When touched it makes man-made sounds which indicates our carbon imprinting on the diorama of Earth.  Larger bottles are powered by solar cells. These are self-contained biospheres which indicate biomimcry in different ways. Through merging of circuit schematics and plant based images the slides show an organic integration between nature and technology. A solar cell “tree” powers nature based sounds of birds chirping, rain, wind, the Big Bang and how Earth sounds from space. These nature-based sounds have been created artifically. The programming ensures that the sounds are random and not repeated thus conceptually resonating notions of biomimicry.


The innovations that we invest in will be the future. Element:Earth is an art installation that works towards community/audience engagement through the use of technology. It firstly plays a role of symbol of new change/vision that is coming due to the foreseen exhaustion of non-renewable resources. It will not only will be a gentle reminder of the beauty of nature yet its fragility but also offer a vision to the people of the city.

Living in urban cities we live in cemented realities and our visions and quests have become disconnected from nature.  Our brain frequencies are vacillating and constantly engaged with the outside. Element: Earth through sounds wants to create a space that is designed to transport the viewer to “day-dream” or to slow time down through the use of nature based sounds. Through interactivity the audience helps in the creation of new composition. The new sound generated through movement will constantly inform about the varied forms of carbon imprinting that is bombarding our ecology. By seamlessly integrating new media and materiality, I want to further investigate different ways of connecting the self, body, community and ecology in varied combinations and permutations.

Arduino Board, Light sensor, Microwave sensor, Development od transparent PCB Boards

eLEmeNT: EaRTh