Europa, Mon Amour

Lawrence Lek

United Kingdom
Interactive Award
Europa, Mon Amour by Lawrence Lek (View: Outside the Rio Cinema)

Europa, Mon Amour is a virtual world based on a dystopian London of the near future. Set in the days after the UK decided to leave the EU, the previously vibrant area of Dalston has degenerated into post-apocalyptic delirium. This is a drowned world of the near future, filled with the ruins of metropolitan life: forgotten nightclubs, DIY art installations, neon-lit music venues, Brexit voting election booths, Turkish snooker clubs and luxury penthouses.

Europa, Mon Amour continues Lek's exploration into virtual worlds as a model to explore the effects of urban transformation from a first-person perspective. Rendered as an open-world simulation using the Unity video game engine, the project is presented as an installation in three formats – VR interactive open world, screen-based game, and HD Video loop. As the player roams around, fragments of voices and electronic dance anthems become audible, speaking about the nature of dislocation. It is a gradual, but relentless, meeting of past, present, and future that comes with any form of geopolitical transformation. Credit: Europa, Mon Amour. Lawrence Lek. Commissioned by Open Source Festival 2016.

Europa, Mon Amour by Lawrence Lek (View: UK Drone)
Europa, Mon Amour by Lawrence Lek (View: Immigrants Welcome)
Europa, Mon Amour by Lawrence Lek (View: Don't Forget To Vote)
Europa, Mon Amour by Lawrence Lek. Outdoor View: Interactive Version, Open Source Festival 2015, Dalston, London.
Europa, Mon Amour by Lawrence Lek (Exhibition View, Credit: Felicity Cranshaw)


Game Engine: Unity 4. 3D Modeling: Rhino 3D, Maya. Sound Design: Ableton Live. Video Editing: Premiere. 


VR version: Oculus Rift DK2 Headset, Xbox 360 Controller. 

Video Game Version: HD Monitor, Xbox 360 Controller. 

Film Version: HD Video loop, 14m 08s.  

Europa, Mon Amour (2016 Brexit Edition)