'The Flagellation of Christ'

Jonathan Hillson

United Kingdom
Moving Image Award
Jonathan Hillson, The flagellation of Christ, Video art, art, slow motion art, slow motion video, caravaggio, recreation, artist, video artist.

'The flagellation of Christ' 
Paying homage to the old master, I reimagine his works in every way from the lighting, set up, to the subject matter, but recreated in slow motion video, thereby bringing the works of the past to the contemporary viewer with the use a modern medium.
I aim to introduce old masters paintings to an audience of a technological age, who are interested in classical styles of art but are also interested in current modern artworks and are captivated by the moving image.
I appreciate and embrace the Baroque style with Caravaggio’s works through video using contemporary stimulus engaging with technology, creating a bridge between modern day mediums of art and the artistic styles of the past.

With the use of video I show and consider the moment before and after the climax of the composition of the painting, allowing the viewer to explore the painter’s suggested thinking and kinesthetic of the piece, offering a reconsideration of the familiar to an unfamiliar vantage point by adding a contemporary twist.
Unlike the masters of the past with their physically static paintings, I use the energy of moving image to capture a scene, looking at the imaginations of the masters single image, showing thousands of different pictures that are created by the slightest of movements, producing movement and casting shadows across the scene, creating new images for the viewer to explore and examine. With the use of slow motion I not only revert slightly to the idea of the still painting but to give the viewer time to reflect on and study the new image that is portrayed in front of them before it moves on to a different image altogether giving the viewer time to reflect on what is displayed to them.
Making the familiar unfamiliar.

Display - Wall mounted or on easel Flat screen TV with ornate frame and DVD player.
Creation - Sony HDR cx520, Final cut pro.

Flagellation of Christ demo