Charles Harrop-Griffiths

United Kingdom
Mixed Reality Award
Virtual Reality Environment

Gateway allows the user to enter a metaphorical internet. Each line represents a piece of internet data or media, and the user is free to wander the space, just as we are in reality. I hope for it to give an impression on the chaotic yet organised structure we use to dictate our interests, relationships, passions and professional lives. This environment is a menacing spiral of propaganda, conspiracies, selfies, cat memes, communities, political engagement and much much more... I hope to further my work in this context, trying to depict the World Wide Web in a 3-Dimensional environment.

For me there is a religious or spiritual connection in how we interact with this space, just as we would in a place of worship This freedom of information has become a catalyst for undefined spiritual beliefs worldwide. Accessing this breadth of knowledge allows every user to question their own identities, surroundings and situations independently, rather than being dictated by the status quo thats come before. Of course this isn't true to say for some nations, but where it is free, it promotes a pluralist and open environment, depending on what you search... 

Hardware and Software Used:

This piece has been a long process beginning with pencil drawings and photographs. I've then modeled and designed the figures and environments in Blender and arranged the experience in Unity. The sound is created in Logic Pro and Audacity. The browsers included in the piece are a mix of original three.js scenes, youtube videos, gifs and websites.