Hyperplanes of Simultaneity

Fabio Giampietro

Alessio De Vecchi

Mixed Reality Award
Hyperplanes of Simultaneity VR Installation

In Fabio Giampietro’s work the barriers of art come tumbling down and a relation of continuity and simultaneity between the three spatial dimensions and time becomes tangible, though still imponderable, at the viewer’s eyes. His work melts the tradition of painting to the most innovative technologies conjugating the planes of space and time and annihilating the contemplative distance between the senses of the spectator and the reality of the art work. The virtual dilatation of the painting invites the spectator to experience its reality within its newly exploded boundaries, calling on all the possible resources of psycho-sensorial experience.

Giampietro’s main achievement lies in the fact that he shows that the painted work on canvas has no longer a central core, though it exists and faces us, but presents a dissemination of observing points linked to the spectator’s physical movements inside the virtual coordinates of the space arranged for us by the creative mind of the artist. For this reason in Giampietro’s work every step inside the work marks also our voyage inside the nightmares and the dreams of the artist’s mind, more vividly and presently than ever.

Girl wearing Samsung Gear VR
Character of VR world
Woman wearing Samsung Gear VR at Palazzo Reale of Milan

Hardware and Software Used:

Samsung Gear VR Unity

Hyperplanes of Simultaneity | teaser