I dreamed about a human being

Fran Simó

Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art, sponsored by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

“I dreamed about a human being” is a project exploring the use of artificial intelligence as applied to photography by using online open source code and data. IDAAHB tries to address questions about identity, privacy, the increasing computational power and the spread of incredible powerful mathematical algorithms available for free use. Everything with aesthetic and educational values.


The database has 85 million images, and it found 1,250,415 faces already and it's growing every day. We have freely accessible amazing tools and databases of gigantic images but have not yet fully understood what we can do with them or what it means that they are there.We are all getting into digital technology as we all got into cars, although it took 100 years to see the impact on the environment. But the impact of this technology does not end up in the atmosphere; it is entering our brains and even altering its structure. It is essential that we at least try to understand the capabilities of the technologies that we are using. This work is within an intersection of open data, open source, public APIs, creative commons and artificial intelligence.You can find two type of images: the stats and the contacts.

Stats image are aggregation images with simple statically operations. This is the "robots dreams" an attempt to imagine what could be the image of millions of faces stored, seen and interpreted by an imaginary robot how is learning/dreaming with humans.


Contacts are the faces the algorithm finds with is links to the original images. You can browse contacts here http://contact-sheets-idahb.fransimo.info/


More information on how it’s made online http://fransimo.info/blog/2012/09/13/i-dreamed-about-a-human-being/

OpenCV, C++, PHP, Mysql, Linux

Normal i5 16G RAM