Jason Revell

United Kingdom
Still Image Award
Computer Generated Image, Giclée Print on Paper

Computer Generated Image.

Giclée Print on Paper.


101 cm x 75 cm

The objects represented in the CG Images are created using random strategies such as procedural

based particle systems or dynamic simulations to define the base forms. These are then sculpted,

letting the initial form suggest the outcome.

These fictitious objects are then placed within the common surroundings of the imagined

photographic studio space.

I am interested in the contradictory meanings which are instilled in these images once they are

placed within the visual framework of photographic documentation.

The conflict lies in the initial acceptance of these images as photographs of real objects, the

verisimilitude to a photograph acts as a stumbling block. Once the visual deceit has been realised,

the meaning of the images becomes unclear. The intent is to make the viewer question their initial

interpretation and then re-engage with the image afresh.


Hardware and Software Used:

Hardware; HP Z800. 3d Software: Autodesk, Meshmixer Autodesk, Maya. Autodesk, Mudbox. Renderer: Solidangle, Arnold Composting: The Foundry, Nuke Adobe, Photoshop