Little people


Little people

Still Image Award


This group of photos taken on the site, the room, the river front, the streets and other placesThe background of the photoThe material is drawn from the subjects of real life objects displayed in the form of ruins.Fighting in the city or the body of a person in a foreign country there will be a sense of drift,This sense of drift is often with a strong sense of chaos or instability Performance in life, Mentally and emotionally, they naturally form a picture, A single force thin and stable picture,, the picture tells the desire for a broad space, A prosperous life But the reality is very cruel, only self insignificant,My friends and a pile of garbage in a photo together. The kind to see yourself so small standing in front of a small pile of garbage, I feel so happy, At the moment, I completely accept their small,As a photo of me and my photo In my eyes is the picture to express In the face of great self, what is my attitude,As the audience I became a kind of power, the power of the truth to their direct self courage.

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