Yuxi Cao

United States
Interactive Award



MACROCOSM is an immersive, audio-visual, projection mapping installation. Its fractal algorithms express the theme of Macrocosm and Microcosm, looped in 28-minute sequences. The installation presents two full-resolution (2440px X 1024px) visuals on two 19 X 8.3-foot projection screens facing each other with audio delivered by 2 stereo channels (L/R). The work’s recursive, abstract imagery and complementary narrative imply that man‘s phenomenal self is equivalent to “the lord of the universe.”


Yuxi Cao (James) is an artist & coder who defines himself as an idealist trying to redeem his pledge under the pressure of social pragmatism. Graduating from China’s Central Academy of Fine Art in 2013, he went on to receive his MFA from the School of Visual Arts (New York City) in 2016. He generates his work within the spectrum of sound-visualization performance, programming & physical computing, interactive art and most especially where those areas meet.

Hardware and Software Used:

hardware:MacPro ,5000 lumens Projectors , rear projection screen Software : Processing custom made patch, Unity Engine, VDMX ,Madmapper

Macrocosm - Yuxi Cao