Marpi x Archan Nair


Archan Nair, An On Bast, Yasha Mittas, Mindex

United States
Web-Based Award

A WebVR collaboration with Indian artist Archan Nair, a triptych of 3D virtual worlds.

Our smart phones, desktop computers and VR headsets create windows into these complex and vibrant universes. We enable web connected cross platform explorations of these worlds to democratize them. 

Using WebVR creates a responsive VR network - whatever device you have, you can be a part of it, and different technologies, you get different abilities.

With music by An On Bast, Mindex, voice of Yasha Mittas and code from Jaume Sanchez and Lucas Bebber.

Javascript, Mobile, Three.js, VR, Web, WebGL, WebVR

Marpi x Archan