Maybe We’ll Have Another Chance

Francois-Xavier de Costerd

United States
Moving Image Award

As the American president explains how he does not believe in global warming and climate change, a simple green alpine valley turns into a theater for all threats to its pristine setting. A storm of digital flakes made of satellite views of Las Vegas, Boston, New York, London and Paris engulfs the valley. As the president declares that we should have kept the oil from Iraq, a satellite view of Baghdad hangs over the valley, quickly swallowed up by a view from Irving TX, home of the Exxon Corp. The abyss the world faces is reflected in the shell of our planet splintering into oblivion. The title double meaning echoes Trump’s wish to go back to Iraq and get the oil, but also our slim chance of fixing this crisis.

MacBook pro

Photoshop to design satellite city flakes

Modul8 for compositing, animating, layering and rendering images

Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and soundtrack

Maybe We'll Have Another Chance