Midtown Flutter

Yuge Zhou

United States
Moving Image Award
Midtown Flutter

Midtown Flutter (installation, 2016)—Video projection onto relief sculpture

Social synchronization is a phenomenon where individuals within a group influence one another’s behavioral patterns. For Midtown Flutter, I shot a variety of architecture in midtown Manhattan, allowing passersby to interrupt the scene. By selecting and then composing the video footage according to the formal qualities of the architecture within the scene, the architecture in turn dictates the patterns and flow of the pedestrians. Midtown becomes a flattened, uniform construct for this play of texture, rhythm and interruptions. 

My installation is inspired by the concept of architectural relief (a technique where the sculpted elements remain attached but raised above the background plane). Audiences experience a gradual shift in the appearance and depth of the installation from a flat image to a three-dimensional view with protruding geometric shapes. I use techniques like relief and projection mapping to enhance the framed glimpses of scenes as well as emphasize the physicality of digital video.

Midtown Flutter

Hardware: Projector, Media player, Speakers, Laser cutting machine; Wall mounts; L brackets; 

Software: Adobe After Effects

Midtown Flutter—Installation documentation