Henrik Nieratschker

United States
3D/Sculpture Award

Minusplusplus is the name of a fictional Silicon Valley start-up, that develops products which reflect upon and highlight the shortcomings of the technologically induced “better world” promised by Silicon Valley tech-culture. The company is run as a multi-platform art and research project that appropriates advertisement and corporate language to critique overlooked cultural, social, and political roles of (digital) technology and works towards prototyping alternatives in the space between art, technology, activism and startup culture.

Minusplusplus’ flagship product is 3DISCOURSE, an algorithmic application that analyses online discourses and transforms the data (text and images) into 3D-printed objects that allow to debate and speculate on issues from a new angle. 

Minusplusplus comes fluidly into existence through installations, lectures, artistic experiments and design prototypes, as well as its online presence (www.minusplusplus.com), a crowdfunding campaign and social media channels.

Hardware/software:  Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4d. Rhino, Sublime Text (for HTML/Javascript), Full Color Sandstone 3D-Printer and Lasercutter

Minusplusplus: 3Discourse