The Nemesis Machine – From Metropolis to Megalopolis to Ecumenopolis


United Kingdom
3D/Sculpture Award
The Nemesis Machine By Stanza

The Nemesis Machine is mini, mechanical metropolis that monitors the behaviours, activities, and changing information, of the world around us using networked devices and electronically transmitted information across the internet. The Nemesis Machine has become a large installation which is adapted to each place where it is displayed. The artwork represents the complexities of the real time city as a shifting morphing and complex system. It visualises life in the metropolis on the basis of real time data transmitted from a network of sensors. The artwork you see is a city of electronic components that reflect in real time what is happening elsewhere. Small screens show pictures of the visitors so that they become part of the city.

The artwork reforms this information and data creating parallel realities. At the heart of this work lies an interest in the urban environment, the networks of cameras and sensors to be found there, and the associated issue of privacy and alienation. The work sits in the middle of concepts for smart cities, The Internet of Things( IOT) and the new technologies that monitors the real time environment. In appearance, the Nemesis Machine is like Big Brother parsed through the lens of the Internet of things. It gives visitors a bird's eye view of a cybernetic cityscape, where skyscrapers are constructed of silicon and circuit boards.The data and their interactions – that is, the events occurring in the environment that surrounds and envelops the installation – are translated into the force that brings the electronic city to life by causing movement and change; that is, new events and actions to occur. In this way the city performs itself, in real time, through its physical avatar or electronic double. The city we see performs itself through an-other city. Cause and effect become apparent in a discreet, intuitive manner. When certain events occur in the real city they cause certain other events to occur in its completely different, but seamlessly incorporated, double. The avatar city is not only controlled by the real city in terms of its function and operation, but also utterly dependent upon it for its existence.

The Nemesis Machine By Stanza
The Nemesis Machine By Stanza

I use motes sensors in a network and I have custom built software that gathers data and places the data online via a java proxy server. The data used to create the installation is also made available in an open source environment. The various sensors monitor temperature, sounds, noise, light, vibration, humidity, and GPS. I have 40 motes multi sensor network that are scattered  across the city . The nodes can be placed up to 50 -300 meters apart over the space. Once switched on they gather the data. I have made two versions of the interface software and custom built software for real time data over networks.


Tech in the gallery ...visual basic mote reader prases real time data  to arduinos to electronics system leds fans motors controllers. etc

The Nemesis Machine – From Metropolis to Megalopolis to Ecumenopolis. Hacking Habitat Version