Nothing Happens

Michelle & Uri Kranot

VR/AR Award

Nothing Happens is a cinematic virtual reality experience and art installation, which question the role of the spectator, by inviting the individual to participate in an event. VR allows us to choose our perspective, allows us to become absorbed in the unique atmosphere and participate. The project explores a different kind of narrative, a new way of being in a painting, a work of art that is truly comprehensive and immersive. Nothing Happens offers a new way of looking.

It is freezing cold on the outskirts of town. Yet people gather. I watch them form a row across the horizon. We all wait for something to happen. However, nothing does…
Waiting. What are we doing out here?
Crows are congregating around us. Calling at each other.
But nothing happens. Time passes.
We are all watching.
And then... it happens.
One gun shot.
A sudden frenzy of batting wings and shrieking caws.
The musicians begin to play.
The crowd slowly scatters in all directions, silently going back to their lives. The late winter landscape is once again empty, deathly still.
It appears that we have been assembled to witness a brutal act. To participate in being seen - the spectacle of watching and being watched.

PC environment (HP and ASUS computers, NVIDIA graphic cards)

Software: Unity, Maya, Mari, TVPaint, Adobe creative suite, Foundry Nuke

VR Format: 1 : 1.78 / HTC VIVE,  Oculus Rift / Stereo

Nothing Happens VR and installation presentation. PW: urimic1