O.T. 875

Stefan Reiss

3D/Sculpture Award

According to the research and development of the last six years I want to continue the construction of several site-specific, immersive, spatial installations - a sensual fusion between space and latest technology.

My work is a research into the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, projection and performance. By developing specific works by connecting different mediums I want to unfold a complexity of contextual relations, materials and practices, tracing back to the basis of all my works: the straight line.

For more than six years I have been focussing on my huge archive of digital drawings and leading to complex transformations into numerous art works. Starting with mind-maps and mementos with an architectural background, I soon reduced my compositions to minimal, constructivist drawings and paintings, followed by serial installations with optional video projections and minimal sculptures.

In my work I am concerned with the artistic use of the digital-analog transformation processes. The foundation of my work are drawings, generated and composed on a tablet and computer. Many steps of digital analog transformations are necessary to help the tablet drawings reach their final form - such as paintings, spatial arrangements or tangible video installations. Materiality, haptics, aberration, imprecision and comprehensibility are given back to these digital units through large-format prints, stencil techniques and oil paint, three-dimensional steel sticks, wooden beams and boards with all-over video projections. A real materiality is passed back to these virtual data files with all the substantial characteristics becoming visible in this transforming process.

The components of my works are simple raw materials such as paper, wood, canvas and more complex such as glass, steel and recycled elements.

O.T. 875, installation with videoprojection, wood, videobeamer, 20 x 10 x 5 m (original size, size variable / site-specific), Berlin, 2016

The installation contains wooden beams, strings and a video projection. All elements will be used site-specific. The projection is based on a digital emitter and a specific color code. According to several encryption methods I developed a phonetic color alphabet, transforming characters of the classic, latin alphabet into a range of colors referring to the specific sound of the characters (German alphabet, English alphabet is similar).

The spatial, site-specific, immersive and haptic installation, the adaptive video projection merging with the installation, but also breaking all three-dimensional spaces and the surrounding environment built this combination of constructive and destructive elements.

Hardware and Software Used:

Software: Autodesk Graphic, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Trapcode Particular, Particle World, Apple Motion, Garage Cube Mad Mapper Hardware: Apple iPad, Apple Mac Book Pro, Sanyo event beamer, Floureon media player

"O.T. 875" (Gallery Weekend 2016)