Harvey Goldman

Jing Wang

United States
Moving Image Award

Passaddhi can be classified within the 

genre of visual music, a subset of 

the experimental animation field.




Lost in tranquility, the ethereal sounds and imagery 

of the inner mind struggle to maintain their primal 

elegance, as turbulence from the world beyond 

begins to infringe on their domain. 

The transcendent inner soundscapes of the 

imagination are ever vigilant as they rumble

with the vestiges of human endeavor.


Passahhdi is an abstract experimental animation.

A melding of sound and image that explores both 

the emotional relationships and the commonality 

of their formal language. The manner in which the 

elemental components of the underlying structure, 

such as line, shape, color/timbre and form, as well 

as principals, such as harmony, balance, rhythm, 

and counterpoint, translate between the auditory

and visual experience is a primary concern.



Hardware and Software Used:

Apple computers, adobe software, Trapcode