Donna Maree Robinson

Andrew Gibbs (Sound design)

Moving Image Award
Pathogenicity (video still),Donna Maree Robinson

Pathogenicity is an artistic exploration of the microbiological analysis of water quality.
It explores the repetitious nature of lab analysis, its cylindrical equipment and the rich luminous nature of the reactive work.
Striving to visualise the invisible, the imagery combines fact with fiction to reflect elements of the microscopic, ranging from waterborne bacterium to its imaginative journey into human cells.The imagery unveils a visceral spectacle or artificial aperture, that provides us with an aesthetic portal into human health concerns and the analysis of a globally fragile and finite resource.

This video artwork was made in collaboration between an artist and scientist. By combining the curiosity, inquiry and knowledge that exists in both disciplines both artist and scientist have transcended existing boundaries to create a new artwork revealing scientific understandings.

Hardware and Software Used:

 Canon 5D video camera, Computer and Adobe After Effects