Performance Capture: Part 2

Mike Pelletier

Robot Repair

Moving Image Award
Performance Capture: Part 2

In Performance Capture Part 2, open source motion capture sequences are mapped onto stock low-polygonal unsmoothed 3D characters. Bodies inflate, deflate and oscillate between states, while movements shift and repeat in offset patterns as information transfers from one body to the next. The figures shuffle, stumble and struggle awkwardly through 3D space, their bodies falling in and out of abstraction. Often parts of the body seem randomly stuck in virtual space. The glitches, distortions and mapping errors reveal the underlying instability of the 3D medium. In the animation, advanced technology to capture and represent the human form constantly threatens to fall apart. What should be used to record, simulate and create perfect virtual realities instead collapses into the uncanny, the abstract and the unreal.

Hardware and Software Used:

MakeHuman CMU mocap database  

Performance Capture: Part 2