Seb Lee-Delisle

United Kingdom
The Placemaking Special Commendation Award

PixelPyros is a large-scale outdoor interactive installation that features computer generatad fireworks projected on to a 20m wide screen. Each firework is triggered by a member of the publkice using one of the 30 motion sensors that run along the bottom of the screen. Unlike traditional fireworks, you do not have to stand well back - you are right in the middle of the action and the show is entirely directed by the public. 

The fireworks themselves are rendered using high power lasers and projectors and generated in real time with custom coded software. Each scene within the 30 minute show has a different theme and style; some scenes are realistic, others have Tron-inspired neon fireworks. One scene even turns the screen into a massive arcade game where all the players can battle space invaders at once. 

Updated this year with more effects, and improved controls,  it travelled to Abu Dhabi for the Mother of the Nation festival in February and was shown at the London Fire Brigade Museum in November. 

The show is run from high-end laptops running custom made software programmed by the artist in C++ using openFrameworks. The motion detection system using custom-made infra-red lights and cameras. The laser is an 11W RTI Piko RGB and the projectors are 2 x Christie 15K HD.

PixelPyros 2013 Tour Nottingham GameCity8