Plastic Reflectic

Thijs Biersteker

Plastic Soup foundation, Front404, Better Future Factory

Interactive Award

Plastic Reflectic is an interactive installation that brings the plastic soup in our oceans alive.  

Designed to provoke a conscious response, Plastic Reflectic places the audience at the centre of the artwork and prompts you to reflect on the impact our plastic consumption is having on our oceans. A collaboration with The Plastic Soup Foundation, this interactive experience pushes the boundaries between art, science and our environmental responsibility to provoke a new perspective on a pressing issue.  

Hardware : 600 servo engines, 2 Ardruino, 27 ardruino uno, 3.7 KM of cable, motion capture sensors and kinect. 
Custom code and programming for the fluididity of the movement of the "plastic pixel grid" . 

Plastic Reflectic interactive installation for plastic soup foundation