Samuel Capps

United Kingdom
Moving Image Award
Samuel Capps R/E:volve

R/E:volve focuses on the ambiguity faced in the near future in relation to synthetic biologies and the post-natural world. A paradoxical environment is soon to be created with our physical and digital realities merging into one hybrid reality. Synthetic biology, bioelectronics, nanotechnology and wetware, will translate into the point where imperceivable technology is embedded into the materiality of humans and their environments. As transference of human consciousness to non-biological or synthetically biological vessels becomes possible, so to will the definition of what is natural be transferred. This prospect will create whole new simulacrums of the human experience that will translate our cognitive ability into a new era.

This paradigm shift will see new hybrid technologies, augmented information and complex digital interactions creating new spatial contexts and further our perceptional displacement to a new digital sub-dimension. Just as we made the machine to replace the labour of the living, we are now creating the living to replace the machine, but this replacement does not revert back to its original position, rather an entirely new entity of which 'nature' cannot recognise. Deviation from a considered norm is inherent in cycles of evolution in the natural world, and therefore the natural is not a static entity. Nature, as argued by Adorno, is merely reified history and it is this idea which the video explores.

Unreal Editor 4, Processing (to make pink water texture), Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, HD Video Recording via Nikon DSLR