Biwei Niu

United States
Interactive Award

Rhythm is a haptic interactive installation about the Chinese philosophical principle, Qi. Generative, abstract and organic graphics are projected onto three large vertical frames covered with white spandex fabric. Each panel’s imagery is different, but related, and when people touch the projection surfaces the imagery changes. Through this experience people will be able to feel and understand the beauty of Qi as a communicable, living force in the world and also in themselves.

vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/217891731

password: svamfaca2017




1 Projector (Canon WUX5000 Mark3) 1 Mac Mini 1 Kinect 2 1 Speaker Set (Logitech z506) 2 Camera tripods 1 Pair of AutoPole 2 5x12 feet White spandex fabric

Software: Installation: Processing 3.2.3 Documentary: Adobe After Effects CC 2017