The Sand Letter


Tian Li; Liu Haibin; Huang Yijie; Shi Weijia; Cai Guoshun; Li Yibin; Mao Xiaowei

Interactive Award

“The Sand Letter” is a innovative interactive installation which is dedicated to the "slow tempo" life experience. We hope to accomplish reminiscence by the means of technology and use calligraphy to display your innermost emotions. In order to coordinate with the software and hardware installations, we will convert users' calligraphy into device's calligraphy and eventually writing robotically on the sands. Users are able to convert their writings in the app into a sand letter for close acquaintances. The receiver will have to attach the installation through internet or Bluetooth so that they can receive the sand letter. This installation has achieved the function of one-for-one, several-for-one, one-for-several.

Custom-developed IOS system created by Xcode.
Custom-developed Android APP  created by Android Studio.

The sand letter. From Seeeklab.