WANG Yannan

MU Xuwen

Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Moving Image Award
Psychedelic / oscillation / nebula / dark / immersive / glitch / LFO / mix / synth / network / 2016

My work is the audiovisual imaginary programming installation between the network and nebula self-oscillation, Nowadays, human, just like a computer, are immersed in a variety of data, but if they can perceive self-existence like nebula self-oscillation in these data discussions. In the recent one percent of the short time during which human species have been existed, we have become the first creature knowing the story of life best on the earth, and have experienced an unprecedented collective existential crisis. Most of us deal with this situation by taking the method of "living in the lovely illusion", pretending to believe that there are countless gorgeousness and warmness on our only planet. At least we have a nebula. But then, we realized the real situation: dark. 

Hardware and Software Used:

maxmsp,apophysis,leapmotion, ableton live 9,cubase