Sensory Overload

Gao Yujie

Low Tech Art Lab

3D/Sculpture Award
 “Sensory overload” Inter-Media Installation


Sensory Overload

Inter-media Installation

Artist: Gao Yujie + Low Tech Art Lab

Medium: Propeller, Motor, Water, Arduino, LED Strips, Customized Acrylic Containers, Control Program, Audio System

Size: 180×81×57 cm (Size of single container: 81×50×26 cm)



Sensory Overload is an inter-media art installation which used all elements from nature. In the piece, there are three elements in the whole system: the propeller as the fan, water and light. The propeller suspended above the middle water container, and the LED panel hidden at the bottom of each water container.

The author uses water as the "interface" to reception and conveys information from the fan and the light, resulting in different ripples and visual effects. Sensory Overload occurs when one or more of the body’s senses experience over-stimulation from the environment. This work calls on the viewer to reconsider our relationship with our state of living, how to face that there are more and more environmental elements that impact an individual.



 “Sensory overload” Inter-Media Installation
 “Sensory overload” Inter-Media Installation


Hardware: Arduino Uno, Motor, DMX controller, Encoder, Power Supply

Software: TouchDesigner, Arduino IDE


"Sensory overload" Inter-Media Installation