Strange Figurations #3

McArthur Freeman, II

United States
3D/Sculpture Award
Strange Figurations #3

My recent sculptural works are shiny black objects that feature plump gestural forms, which are layered with skins, flaps, orifices, sacs, and appendages. These works are anatomically inspired sculptural forms that explore hybridity and identity. They have grown out of my reflections on the historical monsterization and exoticization of black bodies. The resulting surreal shapes imply the body without directly depicting it. They are as much about the loss of identity as they are about the concoction of new ones. Their forms evolve from my intuitive process of finding forms through daily experimental drawings. From those explorations, the works are then digitally sculpted, 3D printed, and cast in other materials such as resin, bronze, or iron. Synthesized from bits and pieces of multiple sources, including abstract patterns, human anatomy, and shapes found in nature, these hybrid forms reflect fluidity and hybridity of identity. They manifest as curious mutations, which are at once beautiful, grotesque, humorous, and sensual.

Wacom Cintiq, Zbrush, Form 2 3D printer