Tapered Throne

Brandon Tauszik

Quincy T. Mills (Vassar College)

United States
Web-Based Award
Tapered Throne Website

For the past 4 years, Brandon Tauszik has been making portraits of historically Black barbershops in Oakland California, using GIFs made from looped video footage.

Resting somewhere between narrative and documentary, Tauszik's series "Tapered Throne" paints a quiet snapshot of businesses that have served as pivotal community hubs for over a century, and continue to thrive in spite of rapid urban gentrification. The project is an intimate view of barbershop culture that, as historian Quincy T. Mills writes in the project’s essay, "...is constantly in motion and in tune with the comings and goings of the people in the city."

The browser-based project is the first of it’s kind to incorporate live-action GIFs as a medium in the documentary art space. Tapered Throne has received reviews from Slate, Buzzfeed, Humble Arts, Medium, Dazed & Confused, TIME, and was exhibited in San Francisco and London. Tauszik hopes to continue pushing the possibilities of lens-based media via innovative digital experiences on the internet.

Digital video camera, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. Web experience custom coded and designed for the project.