David Hochgatterer

Interactive Award

TIME TO X is a 96-channel audio installation.


For most people it´s hard to imagine the four-dimensional space.

The audio installation TIME TO X transforms the fourth dimension, time, into a geometrical expanse.

A short audio file is sliced into fragments, mapped on a horizontal array of 96 loudspeakers and played back simultaneously, so every acoustical information of the sound is continuously audible.

The listener experiences a "still picture of a period of time": From distance a noisey picture can be "seen" at once, while approximation focuses the view and small details can be revealed.

When moving very close along the installation, one is – proverbial – moving in time.



TIME TO X was exhibited at the TIME-OUT.02 Exhibition 2014, Linz; Ars Electronica Festival 2014, Linz; 90dB Festival Arti Sonore 2014, Rome; lab30 Festival 2015, Augsburg; Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 2016, York.

The installation has won the Sonic Arts Award 2014, category sound art and the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 students prize.

Hardware and Software Used:

The original installation consists of 96 small loudspeakers + amplifiers, built into four wooden boxes of 105cm x 30cm x 25cm each, which are mounted on a wall so alltogether the installation is over four meters in length. A Mac Pro computer running Ableton LIVE 9 drives a set of four 24-channel MotU audio-interfaces. For the special preparation of the playing audio files, iZotope RX3 and GRM-Tools as well as Steinberg Nuendo 5.5 were used.   For mobile exhibition purposes, a lightweight version of TIME TO X is in the make, which can run without a computer and has no special requirements for mounting.