Claire Reika Wright

Louie Utterson - composer

United Kingdom
Moving Image Award
Poster image for moving image artwork entitled Turmoil

'Turmoil' evolved from the idea of symbolically representing our increasingly overcrowded and conflict ridden planet in a stylized but organic form. I have attempted to achieve this by making multiple clones of two animated, aggressive figures to form a solid writhing sphere in 3D space. The deliberately imperfect, sculptural figures reflect the human condition, their movements are un-cordinated while their repeated combatitive displays form complex everchanging patterns. The looped, five minute video gives out a manic and hypnotic energy.

A sound track, 'Torment', composed for the work by Louie Utterson adds to its disturbing nature.

screenshot of cloning animations in C4D
screenshot of fire being rigged in C4D
One of the figures rendered in C4D
screenshot of working on the animation exported from C4D in FCPX

Hardware and Software Used:

The video was made using Photoshop CS4, Cinema4D 11.5 and Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Book Pro.