Untitled Cinématographe, 1907

Edward Bateman

United States
Moving Image Award
Untitled Cinématographe, 1907

Password for VIMEO: LUMEN

This video purports to be a recently discovered film created in 1907 using a Lumière Brothers Cinématographe by an unknown auteur. 

Religious ritual gave rise to 19th-century stage magic, which inspired early filmmakers and is the source of our contemporary digital cinema. Today, many instances of digital art are presented in an immaculate, clearly digital language that divorces it from the tangible and physical world of our visual experience. This projects situates its digital technology in a guise of the early 20th-century (with all of its flaws) to ask the viewer to focus on the magic of imagery rather that the tricks of technology. Like black magic, the computer is a black box from which possibilities may emerge. The camera was the first machine of depiction, and for a time we believed it to tell only the truth. In the end, perhaps all the images we create share a strange mixture of magic, truth, and illusion.

Hardware and Software Used:

Macintosh Computers CInema 4D Photoshop Illustrator