Vivid Sentiment Cocoon

Moritz Behrens and Konstantinos Mavromichalis

Achim Meyer, Nathan Whitford, Tobias Kuppel

United Kingdom
The Placemaking Special Commendation Award
Vivid Sentiment Cocoon 2016

This version of the Sentiment Cocoon was specifically created for Vivid Sydney and its unique surroundings and context.

The lightwork turns its surroundings into a stage for social encounter through interaction and observation. We collect people’s 'sentiments'  through a simple interface underneath the Cocoon that allows visitors to express 'how they feel' by 'how they touch'. These interactions are transformed into pulses of light which travel throughout the cocoon. Our focus is on the exploration of architectural form, translucent materials, touch interfaces and responsive lighting to facilitate social interaction. Ultimately the Cocoon visualises these immediate interactions collectively and in real time through the medium of light and projects it back into the city.

One of the aesthetic characteristics of this work is its combination of physical materials and how they respond to varying lighting conditions and different forms of light. By day the cocoon reflects daylight from is surroundings and reveals its inner life through close observation from below. By night it acts like a beacon, visible from afar its illuminated inner core blendedwith its transluscent it will draw people toward it to discover what gives it life. Individual interactons fill the inner core of the cocoon and combined they represent hundreds of interactons that give the light work a life of its own.   

What was siginificant about the Vivid Sentiment Cocoon is that, as a large iconic structure, it allowed for the thousands of people who passed by on a nightly basis for three weeks to become aware of it, interact and affect it's appearance, and then observe the results. What was observed by the artists is that the artwork and the interactions facilitated contemplation and discussion with other participants in the audience, who were often strangers.

Vivid Sentiment Cocoon 2016 by night
Parallel Interactions with the Sentient Cocoon
Vivid Sentiment Cocoon 2016 palm pulse reader
Vivid Sentiment Cocoon embedded into cityscape
Vivid Sentiment Cocoon 2016 parametric structure during day

Vectorworks, Processing, Rhino, Grasshopper, Python, XCode, DMX/Artnet control software, I2C control protocol.