Waking Dream


United Kingdom
Moving Image Award

Waking Dream is a 360° video that takes us on a disorienting journey through the subconscious of a sleeping commuter, exploring fleeting moments of intensely surreal dreams, when lulled to sleep in transit.
It was commissioned by the Roundhouse for Ron Arad's Curtain Call,  a 360° interactive installation.
Waking Dream has been shown as part of Curtain Call, recently renamed ‘720 Degrees’, at the Isamu Noguchi garden of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem in 2012, at the Singapore International Festival of Arts in 2016 and back at the Roundhouse in the same year.
It is now in the process of being converted into VR.

SDNA have engaged with the possibilities of a 360-degree screen as well as the original function of the Roundhouse as a railway engine shed, to create a work based around the surreal dream of a commuter who has nodded off in transit. Featuring multiples of figures dressed in smart office garb and choreographed to a rhythmical soundtrack reminiscent of rumbling trains, it’s visually and aurally gripping”.  -Time Out

Sony Z7, After Effects, Maya

Waking Dream 360°