We Are Humans

Marco Pantaleoni

United Kingdom
Student Award
We Are Humans

We Are Humans
3D scan, CYMK Screen Print, Acrylic on canvas
120 x 120 cm

We Are Humans is a portrait of an individual, a man.
He is seen through the eye of technology which visually interprets human forms, capturing qualities often hidden or unseen by the human eye.
Using a motion sensing capture as 3D scanner and digital 3D modelling to render human forms, I like to express the surprising mystery of the digital uncanny; distortions, errors and glitches reveal the imperfection of the surface, but still let the intimate essence of the character be expressed.

I am a visual artist and architect, interested in man and his relationship with the space that he lives in and perceives.
My concerns lie in the area of technology and new media, as strategic forms of communication, interaction and comprehension. I am interested in the way technology influences our perception, investigating how it interprets the reality, bringing into conversation opposing forces and challenging the boundaries between them: real and artificial, tradition and new, perfection and imperfection, human and non-human.

3D model01
3D model02
3D model03

Microsoft Kinect v2, Processing, Rhinoceros v5, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop.