Whisper Diving

Michael Tan

Falty DL

Moving Image Award
Whisper Diving Michael Tan

The video is a homage to Berlin for me, where I've been living and working for the past 6 years. I'm happy that FaltyDL pretty much allowed me free rein creatively and I think the track was perfect to capture the essence I was going for in my head.

The video, whilst containing no concrete narrative which FaltyDL and I both tried to avoid, the video is suggestive of environmental issues and our “throw away” nature." The video contains 3D models created in TiltBrush VR.

Whisper Diving Still 03
Whisper Diving still 04
Whisper Diving Still 01
Whisper Diving Still 02

Cinema4D, SideFXHoudini, Vive Google TiltBrush, PFTrack, Marvellous Designer, Octane Render, Adobe After Effectsm, Adobe Premiere, Drone Photography.

FaltyDL - Whisper Diving