Wikileaks: A Love Story

Anna Ridler

United Kingdom
VR/AR Award

Mining WikiLeaks to find an unlikely story of love in the workplace, this installation uses data from real emails between two people to construct a romance from being in love to falling apart.  It shows the collision of public and private that sits at the heart of the Wikileaks project. Stacks of printed paper – emails and documents and photographs – show the macro political machinations that most people assume are being revealed by the database. When an iPad is placed above the top of the papers a hidden narrative is revealed to the viewer, a deeply personal love story of a couple who fell in love and then broke up, all found in the emails that were released as part of a data-dump in 2013. The ipad allows the viewer to see the data and information being shifted and parsed before their eyes, before being constructed out of the mess that is the classification system of Wikileaks into a coherent, structured, easy to understand and universal narrative. interplay between the digital and physical relates to the physicality of a love story that is played out using digital platforms. 

Unity, vuforia, ipads.