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The Placemaking Special Commendation Award
Within - Fiberoptic Light Installation

‘Within’ is an infinite landscape of lights that conveys a feeling of calmness, magic, and mystic. The space aims to take people on an immersive journey that celebrates the state of mindfulness. It establishes a feeling of contemplation by drawing attention towards the present moment, inviting all to ‘see, breathe, feel, and be’ the experience. As stated by Eckhart Tolle: “In today’s rush, we all think too much — seek too much — want too much —and forget about the joy of just being.”

The ‘Within’  installation invites people to enter the dark cube, where a choreography of three-dimensional light patterns will be activated, rippling through the numerous optical fibers hanging from the ceiling. The visual spectacle will be orchestrated by sounds reminiscent of the gong’s tone, filling the blank space and pulling the visitors towards the glowing forest’s focal point. It is at this moment that each visitor finds themselves floating in a mesmerising sky of dark and light, leaving all of their distractions behind while focusing solely on the ‘now’.

The image shows a similar version of the proposed ‘Within' installation for our client Goolge. We would appreciate if you can use this image only for the selection process and not for publicising purposes. Many thanks!
Within- Optical Fibres and Mirror Wall
Within - Floor Reflections
Within - Technical Drawing

As mentioned above, the dark space is shaped by a landscape of optical fibers in which waves of light travel. Cable trays are mounted onto the cube’s ceiling, from which these fibers are suspended alongside light sources and with their PCB controllers. While forming a regular grid, the fibers are strung together and held by 4 common-ends. Each of these extremities is illuminated by a custom-made LED matrix formed of individually addressable lights. This allows for a wide range of visual choreographies to be showcased, while affecting sections of every single fiber in the space. Additionally, through a process of “breaking” the glass fibers in selected spots, the light transmission can be enhanced by causing light-dots to appear. This technique allows for the formation of three-dimensional light patterns on the fibers. Finally, the software controlling these light animations is designed to flexibly adjust sound to the light rhythms, achieving absolute synchronization.

"Within" - Project Proposal