Carla Rapoport, Lumen’s Founder and Director, takes a look back at our recent show in Winns Gallery, Walthamstow.

Carla Rapoport

From November 14th to December 4th, Lumen was honoured to be showing a specially curated show “Adventures in Digital Art”, which drew upon work from some of the best art from 2014-2016 Lumen Prize artists, including this year’s Gold Prize winner, Hyperplanes of Simultaneity and Carla Gannis’ Augmented Reality Selfie Drawings.

The venue was the brand-new Winns Gallery in Lloyds Park, Walthamstow, just a stone’s throw from the brilliant William Morris Gallery. Our theme was to bring together some of the most exciting interactive works that have qualified for the Lumen Prize shortlist over the past few years and to show visitors of all ages how digital art can really be enjoyed by everyone. 

Exhibition Manager Jack Addis was pleased to have the opportunity to show interactive works in this public gallery, remarking: “This show was completely about engagement – from scanning your whole body with Passage to whistling into the microphone to make animals come alive on the wall. It was very family friendly."

Our sponsor, the borough of Waltham Forest, was equally pleased with the show. Lorna Lee, head of Culture and Heritage Services for Waltham Forest, commented at the opening: "How illuminating!  The Lumen Digital Art Prize in the Winns Gallery was a real eye opener for me, in terms of the range of works on show and their interactivity - it brought out my playful side and also sparked my imagination in terms of new ways to engage with our diverse communities and their participation in our local culture and heritage."

We look forward to more collaborations with Waltham Forest in the future, particularly those which draw on the incredible talents of Lumen Prize artists from past years as well as the current one.