Dream Big

Alexandra Sophia Handal, Dream Homes Property Consultants (DHPC), Homepage, 2007-2016

Dream Big

Carla Rapoport


As the founder of Lumen, I’ve had the good fortune to see some extraordinary work over the years. But every so often, a work comes along that makes a indelible impression. Dream Homes Property Consultant (DPHC) is one such work.

Winner of Lumen’s People’s Choice Award in 2014,  DHPC is a website telling the stories of Palestinian refugees and exiles through the guise of a online property website. The impact of blending an e-commerce platform which such a moving topic can't help but strike the viewer head-on. The brilliantly-executed concept clearly moved the curators of the Museum of Contemporary Art Demark in a similar way, as they have purchased the work for its permanent collection, their first web-based acquisition.

The purchase is like a dream come true for artists working in this genre, as well as for Lumen which now has a web-based category in its annual competition. Alexandra Sophia Handal comments: “As artists working in new media can attest, art made specifically for the web demands a sustained technological upkeep that is near impossible without the support of an institution. In light of the fact that Jerusalem continues to be a divided city, having DHPC in the care of the museum guarantees that this collective testament will be preserved and accessible to the public for many years to come.”

From those of us working to build audiences for digital art,  a huge thank you to Museet for Samtidskunst for its valuable support.

But why not see for yourself? Dream Homes Property Consultants (DHPC) can be accessed here. And a video ‘tour’ can be viewed here.